unify 2012 – Northhampton (UK)

Unify 2012 was the first YMCA Christian Mission Conference, which saw 120 ymca staff and volunteers from across Europe come together to network, share their experiences, pray and worship, to gain inspiration and discover new resources for delivering Christian emphasis work within their YMCAs.
The aims of Unify were:
  • To create an opportunity for YMCA people (paid staff & volunteers) to express their Christian faith within the context of the YMCA Movement.
  • To help European YMCAs to strengthen their Christian identity and explore the potential for a European YMCA Christian Mission Network.
  • For participants to be resourced to more effectively serve Christ in your personal life and in the YMCA.
  • For YMCA's to be resourced and renewed with ideas and practical tools to help develop Christian emphasis work. 
  • For participants to feel unified as they celebrated together the richness in European Christian Culture.
The event featured keynote speakers from across Europe workshops and seminars, time for reflection, Christian resources exhibition and visits to local YMCAs


unify 2012 Gallery