Called to serve!

day one, thursday 01.03.2018

Called to serve – Whom we are serving?

We are always serving someone – who is it we are serving? (Ego, Money, Success, …) 

We are called to serve the living God in the first place.
Serving God means following Jesus.
We are followers of Christ, wherever he goes we will follow.

day two, friday 02.03.2018

Called to serve – Jesus serves us!

If Jesus does not serve us, we cannot be in HIS team
WE need Jesus to forgive our sins  (wash of the dirt)
We need Jesus to allow to touch us and change us
We need Jesus to heal us
Our Part: To allow it and to surrender to HIM

day three, saturday 03.03.2018

Called to serve – we are serving people!

Unconditional love for all people.
As God loves all people we love people and serve them
We serve especially the people in need
Encouragement to serve in practice!

Different facilitators throughout Europe share their experiences in focus groups

day four, sunday 04.03.2018

Called to serve – Equipped to serve!

Our own strength will fail, we are so often not capable to serve
The Holy Spirit lives in us and helps us to serve
The Holy Spirit is God’s presence on the earth
Our own strength is not good enough – we need supernatural power!