Travelling to Cluj

by plane

  • Flights to Cluj from different internatinal destinations such as Munich, Berlin, Luton, Birmingham, Warshaw, Basel, and more ...
  • Airport Pickup will be arranged within the defined times (see below)

    check the airport website for further information

Arrivals: Visitors are encouraged to arrive at Cluj Airport between 12.00 and 18:00 on Thursday, 1.3.2018. 

Departures:  Visitors are encouraged to book outgoing flights from Cluj Airport from 15:00 onwards on 4.3.2018. 


by train

Cluj-Napoca Rail Station, located about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) north of the city centre, is situated on the CFR-Romanian Railways Main Line 300 (Bucharest – Oradea – Romanian Western Border) and on Line 401 (Cluj-Napoca – Dej). CFR provides direct rail connections to all the major Romanian cities and to Budapest. The rail station is very well connected to all parts of the city by the trams, trolleybuses and buses of the local public transport company, CTP.

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by car

Cluj-Napoca is roughly equidistant from Bucharest (441 km / 276 mi), Budapest (409 km / 256 mi) and Belgrade (465 km / 291 mi).

At the junction of four European roads(E60, E576, E58, E81) and crossed by TransIlvania Highway, Cluj is accessible both by car and by bus, in which case we recommend you to visit