Youth Unify Online Development Training

This is a brand new development for Youth Unify!  
A 10 session online training course for young YMCA leaders running from November 2022 to June 2023.  The final curriculum is still being finalised but you can be a part of a new and innovative training stream that will shape you and Youth Unify into the future:
There are 3 aims of this course:
1. To give an introduction to the history and background of the YMCA movement in a way that helps participants discover their place and purpose within the local, national and globals YMCAs.
2. To introduce participants to Christian Spiritual Formation in a way that helps them to grow and multiply their faith within their YMCA context.
3. To provide a space for Youth Unify participants to support and encourage each other in between the Summer Camps and Winter Reunions.
Who can participate?
The course is aimed at young leaders who have participated in a previous Youth Unify event.  If you have never attended a Youth Unify event before or if you are not sure if the course is suitable for you then please feel free to contact the Youth Unify team to discuss further. (
The 2022-23 course is our first one and still in the development stages.  Therefore we are not charging a fee but do ask that you help us with feedback during and after the course!
Time & Location
- 8 sessions take place on Zoom between 18:00-20:00 (Central European Time)
- 2 sessions take place in person at the Youth Unify Reunion in Munich (it may be possible to access these sessions online too) 
Expected Dates
Zoom sessions: 24th November, 8th December, 12th January, 23rd February, 23rd March, 20th April, 18th May, 15th June
In Person sessions: 3rd-5th February
The training will be led by experienced international YMCA and other Christian leaders.  The topics should include:
YMCA History, Application of YMCA History, YMCA & the Church, Good Governance, How to Multiply, Spiritual Formation, Forgiveness, The Kingdom of God
Fill out THIS FORM to register your interest.  You will receive confirmation and further information by 18th November.