YMCA Youth Unify Leadership Camp

Romania, 30th July to 5th August 2017

UNIFY is a platform for European YMCAs to share and explore about the Christian Mission of the YMCA.

Pictures of Youth Unify 2017

Youth Unify 2017

Youth Unify 2017

Youth Unify 2017

Youth Unify 2017

Youth Unify 2017

Youth Unify 2017

Youth Unify 2017

Youth Unify 2017


Unify;  a conference that has already become the special one for me.

I've already been a part of this amazing program for three times. And when I go back to the first Unify conference that I participated I can see and feel what great chenges I've had since then.

You can say what new can be in a conference that one has already participated for several times. But I can definitely say that every time Unify openes new qualities in you, gives new ways of thinking, new feelings, new knowledge and experience. 

This year Youth Unify took place in Romania, outside Cluj in Torockó.

I wonder how perfectly is the location being chosen every time. Always in wonderful nature, which looks like a piece of heaven. 

I was very happy to be there and meet my old friends and welcome the new participants. This time I was in the planing group, which made my participation even more responsible. 

The days passed so fast. It seemed that it was only one day. And during those passed wonderful days we all worshiped, prayed, spoke about leadership and about Jesus as a leader, shared our Christian thoughts, spoke about the Parable of the Sower and about Tree and its Fruit, had very interesting discussions in small groups.  And with all these we had a nice time together. 

Every time after participating in Unify I challenge myself. This time it will be the teaching of the parables during Spitak YMCA English club and in childcare program. 

Though having difficulties in traveling to Romania I had a very nice and informative time in Youth Unify 2017. 

God Bless all of you!!!! 

Ani Ayvazyan,
YMCA Spitak, Armenia
Member of the Planning Group of Youth Unify 2017


What was Youth Unify 2017?


·       Continue dialogue and initiate practice that enables the development of Christian mission in local YMCA contexts

·       Grow as disciples of Christ

Delegate criteria

·       Some responsibility at a local YMCA level

·       Some leadership experience

·       A desire to see Christian mission developed through the YMCA

·       An understanding of, and commitment to the Christian faith

·       Aimed at young people aged 18-30.


The programme is still being planned.  There will be plentiful opportunities for:

· Teaching on leadership and mission

· Worship together that expresses the different Christian traditions

· Small Group discussions

· Visit to a local YMCA

· Recreation activities both on and offsite, including opportunities for hiking and river swimming


The camp takes place outside of Cluj in Torockó.  This is a village in the west of Transylvania.  The most amazing thing about this location is that the sun rises two times a day because of a huge rock called Székelykó.

Planning Group

The planning group is made up of representatives from Ukraine, Armenia, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Romania, Iceland and England.