Aarhus, 2nd biggest city in Denmark, is located approximately 300km from the capital Copenhagen, (which makes a 40-minute flight, a 3-hour drive or a 4 hour train journey).

Although there are few direct flights, it might be best to travel to one of the two nearest Airports - Billund or Aarhus.  

The Venue of the World Misson Network is called Deaconal Univeristy College (Diakon Hojskolen). It is located about 7km south of the downtown of Aarhus. 

The next busstop is called:  “Lyseng Allé/Oddervej” and you can reach it by bus Nr. 100 from “Vejlby Centervej/Grenåvej” (Busterminal north of Aarhus) or from “Aarhus Banegårdsplads” (Center of Aarhus and next to the Musikhuset, which is the venue of World Council).