YMCA Unify Leadership Conference 2019

In 2019 leaders from the Unify network will meet in Budapest, Hungary, from 14th to 17th of February 2019.

Theme unify leadership Conference 2019

In the world today we experience so many gaps within society. Gaps between the different generations, men and women, rich and poor.  Jesus bridges the gap between God and Humanity.
As Christians our calling is to follow Jesus and continue to bridge the gap 
in our societies, restoring relationships, bringing unity and reconciliation.
As a YMCA Movement we too are called to be 
actively involved in this "bridge building".
uring the Unify Leadership Conference we will be exploring how we bridge the gap in today’s culture and society. 

UNIFY leadership conference

Date:  14th -17th of February 2019

Host: YMCA/KIE Hungary

Venue: Budapest 

Cost:  200 – 250 Euro (depending on room), discount for East Europeans

Theme: Bridging the Gap

This conference is for everybody, Staff and Volunteers  who would like to strengthen the Christian Mission of the YMCA.


Registrations will be opened soon! Please check this website!!


I am travelling from outside Europe. Am I able to take part in the Unify Leadership Conference 2019?
As Unify is an European Network, the conference is targeted on European leaders. If you feel that you should be part of the conference, please contact your national YMCA coordinator. We will reply him for further details.

I am travelling from a non Schengen country. Does Unify help me to get a Visa?
If you're intending to travel to Hungsray from a non Schengen country, please contact your national office for further details. Invitation letters will be provided.